Georges Gemayel, PhD
Georges Gemayel, PhD

Dr. Gemayel served as President and CEO of Altus Pharmaceuticals, Executive Vice President at Genzyme Corporation, and Vice President, National Specialty Care at Roche Labs Inc. Dr. Gemayel currently serves on the Board of Directors of Supernus Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and is the Chair of the Boards of Dynacure, Gemini Therapeutics, Enterome SA, and Orphazyme A/S. Previously, Dr. Gemayel served as Executive Chair of FoldRx Pharmaceuticals and of Syndexa Pharmaceuticals, as Chair of Dimension Therapeutics OxThera AB and Epitherapeutics, and as Director of Prosensa, Raptor Pharmaceuticals, NPS Pharma, Momenta Pharmaceuticals, and Adolor. Dr. Gemayel completed his doctorate in pharmacy at St. Joseph University in Beirut, Lebanon and earned a Ph.D. in pharmacology at Paris-Sud University in Paris, France.