GlycoEra is leveraging its expertise in exploiting natural glycan-mediated pathways to unlock unique biological activities for therapeutic targets, using its propriety CustomGlycan platform. The company is developing first-in-class therapeutics with novel modes of action enabled by fully human, highly homogenous, and customized glycan structures assembled onto glycoproteins in a site-specific manner.

Glycosylation: Why is it important?

The glycobiology and glycoimmunology fields are quickly evolving due to the rapid increase in the understanding of the roles played by glycans in immunology, as well as dramatic advances in glycan analytics and the engineering of cellular glycosylation. 

Recent studies demonstrate that glycans play predominant roles in immune regulation and cell functions, beyond being structural and folding factors. Glycans enable unique functions by engaging different carbohydrate-binding receptors to induce diverse pathways including modulating immune cells, triggering endocytosis and signalling. Hence, glycan-receptor interaction can be exploited to develop therapeutics with novel modes of action, opening a new front in combating diseases.

Our CustomGlycan Platform

GlycoEra employs in-depth knowledge of engineering complex carbohydrate structures in vivo and is at the forefront of developing novel glycoengineered therapeutics. GlycoEra’s CustomGlycan Platform is the only cell-based technology offering unparalleled, controlled glycan structure design capabilities, enabling several glycan-mediated functions. This opens a new era in developing novel drugs.

  • Harnessing a diverse repertoire of fully human glycan structures: Activate the biology of glycan-mediated functions while avoiding any undesirable immunogenicity arising from aberrant glycan structures
  • Versatile glycosylation engineering: Homogenous custom-made human glycan structures at site-specific positions
  • Full O-glycosylation control and engineering: Our N-glycoengineered cell lines are by design completely deficient in O-glycosylation, a unique feature of the platform

Advantages of our technology

  • Short Development Times: Fast cell line development using a proprietary modular genetic toolbox. 
  • Simplified Manufacturing: Short generation time allows process acceleration and true continuous processing
  • Robust Process: Highly consistent product quality and glycosylation
  • Process compliant with standard industry technologies